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Hello, my name is Tim Schmidt and i am the founder of several E-Commerce Brands.

One of them is DOTCOMSCAN®! Welcome and thanks for your interest in our jobs.

With DOTCOMSCAN® we focus on the challenges and Chances of the Change in Retail. We create and sell smart physical & digital solutions trough our Onlineshop, Marketplaces like Amazon, Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok ...) and all kind of e-commerce channels.

If you are interested working at a e-commerce brand and you wanna support us, than feel free to apply. And i hope that we can speak soon.


All positions are full-time and/or part-time.


Customer Service (Apply)
Chemnitz, Germany

Onlineshop Manager (Apply)
Chemnitz, Germany

Sales & Customer Acquisition (Apply)
Chemnitz, Germany

Videographer (Apply)
Chemnitz, Germany

Photographer (Apply)
Chemnitz, Germany

Online-Marketing (Apply)
Chemnitz, Germany

Graphic Designer (Apply)
Chemnitz, Germany

Content Creation (Apply)
Chemnitz, Germany

Influencer Communication (Apply)
Chemnitz, Germany


Have a Question about the jobs? Send your Question via Mail to [email protected]

Send us your Application via Mail to [email protected]



Tim S.

Founder and CEO

Even as a child, it turned out that e-commerce and entrepreneurial thinking aroused Tim's interest. The first products were sold on Amazon while he was still at school. Over time, he also discovered an interest in art and aesthetics and in 2018 decided to build a brand called DOTCOMCANVAS®, which will be known for its Style. 2021 the Brand DOTCOMSCAN® was founded.

Endrik & Ludo Z.

Creative Director and Artist

The creative genius is our artist duo Endrik & Ludwik, who are the core of DotComCanvas. The best ideas that come up internally are implemented by Endrik & Ludwik with maximum attention to detail and a decade of experience. Endrik & Ludwik started out as track and field athletes before they discovered art.

Issam D.

Video Producer & 3D Artist

The videos and 3D animations come from our talented multi-talent Issam. The craft paired with an eye for aesthetics, Issam brings yet another new element to DotComCanvas to also present the artworks in a way that does them justice.

Alex J.

Graphic Designer & Designer

With Alexander, DotComCanvas has another talented graphic artist on board who can draw images by hand on the drag pad with absolute attention to detail and turn the white canvas into your favourite picture.

Suren K.

Shop Manager

A successful business also includes the smooth processing of orders. Our warm-hearted Surendran takes care of the processes in the backend and the communication with our manufacturer made in Germany.

Alex S.

Customer Support & Social Media

The determined Alexander joined DotComCanvas in 2020 as a support in the area of customer support and social media. In the meantime, he has become an integral part and puts a smile on our customers' faces :)


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