Effective Marketing Display: Must-Have for a successful stationary Business.

Combines your digital & traditional Marketing.

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More Returning Customer, Follower & Sales.

By simply connect your local customer with your digital channels.

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The founder of the AdPlate Pro.


How it works

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Endless Possibilities

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Multichannel Trends: Prepare for the future.

Our Mission is to create solutions!

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Strong Solution

Customer leave your business... and now?

Most customer forget you and most businesses start and end on their doorsteps.

But not with us:

✓ Connect your customer with your online channels

✓ Inform and Interact with your customers

✓ Turn your customer into a loyal fan

✓ Build a long lasting Relationship

Unleash your Potential

Build your profitable core Audience

Your customers are calling for a new, safer, lighter and smarter way of getting in touch and more importantly … staying.

Build a Audience

Strengthen your brand loyalty

Staying relevant means to be first choice. Stay as near as possible with your customers.

Focus build success

E-Commerce and Interior is what we do best.

100% Customization

Control how your brand shows up.

✓ Choose the Color

✓ Upload your Logo

✓ Write custom Text

✓ Select between 3 Sizes

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Use Custom Links

Link to every Site you can imagine.

The AdPlate allows you to link everything you want.

For example Instagram, Facebook, Google Reviews, Website, Onlineshop and custom links.

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Real Experts and Quality

Partner with only the best.

✓ Manufacturing in Germany

✓ 10.000+ successful Customers

✓ Multiple Franchise Partners as Customers

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3 simple Steps

How you get your AdPlate

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Open the product configurator.

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Step 2

Use the configurator: Select your favorite color, text, logo and buy it.

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Customer Success Stories

Our customer reach their goals. AdPlates help them.

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Easy to Scan

Use your Smartphone Camera to scan the AdPlate.

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AdPlate handmade in Germany

Like every DOTCOMSCAN® Product, AdPlate Pro is proudly designed, devoloped and made in Germany. It`s not always easy. But that`s the kind of innovations we believe in.

AdPlate take over

A successful business requires hard work. Satisfying customers these days is a daily struggle, especially for medium-sized companies. With a lot of love and hard work we have developed the AdPlate® with which your business can take off.

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Premium Resources

We focus on Quality and go the long road to reach our goals. A high quality Product is the base to create a high quality value. We build products which enable you to grow.


We have developed the modern and luxurious table display that will take your business forward. Your customers will use the QR code table display and attract new followers and website visitors. thousands of customers are already using the AdPlate.

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